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"Penebration" Upgrade Sale!
I'm very proud to announce a major upgrade to Trackjack, an evolutionary improvement to the reporting of blackjack table conditions.
Read more about our brand new system for accurately tracking blackjack penetration, visit our screenshots page to see it in action, and take advantage of our special celebration sale!

Welcome to Trackjack™
We're proud to announce the launch of Trackjack™, RGE Publishing Ltd.’s revolutionary new database-driven information service for recreational and professional blackjack players.
Trackjack™ is an interactive database for sharing information on blackjack table conditions nationwide, incorporating user comments, news items, and more. I think you will be amazed by what you are about to see, and I offer for you try Trackjack with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

The Trackjack™ system allows players and RGE reporters to share the information required to plan a trip that is profitable and safe for professional players, or that maximizes the entertainment and comp value of any blackjack enthusiast’s play. It is organized by casino and accessible through simple regional navigation or various custom-built search engines.

It looks like an old-fashioned table conditions chart—the most detailed and informative one you ever saw—but it is really a chart brought to life, with near-instantaneous updates on conditions based on input from users.

Find out more about this revolutionary new service for avid blackjack players using the links to the left. It will take your game to a whole new level, guaranteed.

Viktor Nacht
RGE Publishing, Ltd.

True tales of Trackjack love.
It's sensational!Don Schlesinger, legendary author of Blackjack Attack!
...I love the service and I was able to punch in from my laptop and do research from my LV hotel room. This helped a heck of a lot. We were able to find great single deck games and on the last day we struck gold on shoe games. It was great not waisting time looking for love in all the wrong places. james_bond_3305
I'm a non-counter, but good basic strategy player. Consequently, I always search for games offering the best rules. Trackjack saved me much time and effort because I knew exactly where to find the best games and minimum bet limits I needed before leaving home. In the past, when I arrived in Vegas, I'd call the casinos about their rules etc. and nearly dirve myself crazy before I ever got to the tables. Thanks Trackjack for your very good assistance. Doc Mac
I got to give you guys a thumbs-up for Trackjack, this service will probably save me hours of scouting time per trip! Leroy Jones
Thanks to Trackjack I had the information I needed to make my decision before leaving home and was able to knock out a 60 unit win in just under an hour… The information I found here was right on the money. I just wish all of my investments were paying the dividends my TJ subscription is. Thanks guys.... keep up the great job! - Handyman